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The Greek War Operation Shaped Over Bursa During the First Battle of İnönü: An Analysis on the Axis of Archive Documents


Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı, Ankara, Türkiye

Atatürk Dergisi 2022; 11: 34-44
DOI: 10.5152/JA.2022.7-35
Keywords : Attack, battle, Bursa, Greek, operation
Read: 392 Downloads: 98 Published: 25 July 2022

Greece, which entered the First World War on the side of the Entente Powers, became a partner in the sharing of Anatolia as a result of the decision taken at the Paris Peace Conference. After the conference, the Greek Army landed soldiers in Izmir on May 15, 1919. The Greeks were not content with the occupation of İzmir, and on June 22, 1920, they embarked on an operation to expand their sovereignty and areas. As a result of this operation, all Western Anatolia, from the north to the south to the Uşak and Bursa lines, fell into the hands of the Greek forces. At the beginning of the Greek occupation, Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) Pasha set foot in Samsun. This situation had an impact on the national struggle to gain a national character. In this context, the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened on April 23, 1920, and then steps were taken to establish regular and disciplined armies. At a time when the Turkish Grand National Assembly was organized, an attack was launched against the Turkish Army on January 6, 1921 by the Greek Army of Asia Minor. The war operation of the Greek Army was shaped by the weight centers in Bursa and Uşak. In particular, the Greek Army of Asia Minor directed the 3rd Corps in Bursa to the front line to eliminate the Turkish forces stationed in the İnönü line. This situation caused the Turkish and Greek forces to face each other in a serious battle for the first time. In this study, the war operation of the Greek Asia Minor Army formed over Bursa during the First Battle of İnönü; Archival documents, research Works and memoirs of Greek commanders will be included.

Cite this article: Korkmaz, E. (2022). The Greek war operation shaped over Bursa during the First Battle of İnönü: An analysis on the axis of archive documents. Journal of Atatürk, 11(1), 34-44.

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